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Woven Discs


We can supply a wide range of filters which can be manufactured pleated, with or without rims or edged.

These are available in a selection of metal finishes.

Normally the discs are made from either woven wire, expanded metal or perforated metal.








We specialize in large orders that can be imported directly from Asia to your specifications. The turn around time for initial orders is around 8 weeks. Samples are available for your approval.

This is a selection of woven wire discs.

Woven wire in particular is a very efficient filter medium and is used for sieving, screening, straining and separating. It is available in varied materials, patterns and sizes. Please see plain weave for all available specifications.








Multi Layer Discs by either spot welding or bound

Multi Mesh Discs

Multi Layer Cylindrical Screens

Special Shaped Screens







This is an example of the quality of the cut there is very little fraying even in a woven wire.



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