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Organic Garden

Solutions for organic vegetable gardens, compost heaps, tree guards, rabbit and wild fowl protection.

Fine Mesh Metals offers a specialist range of home gardening and industrial products for the organic horticulturist that suffers from pests. We have a standard range of products but we can help with projects to your specifications, as we stock a full range of flexible meshes that can be used in many intriguing situations.


insect mesh


Trellis woven wire vegetable patches offer protection from carrot root flys and other insects allowing the organic gardener to grow vegetables in perfect condition without the need for pesticides. Woven wire can be used in various aperture sizes depending on the insect you are trying to repel. See insect screen for different options.




fly mesh


A lid can also be used to further reduce the incidence of pests. The woven wire has a large open area but small apeture allowing rain water and air through but not the pests.







 Composting your garden waste not only provides good free fertiliser for your organic garden, but for those with an environmental conscience will contribute to a reduction in global warming . We have developed a cost effective basket that is suitable for all types of composting. When your compost is ready the hinged side can be unfastened easily to reduce the necessity for lifting the compost out.



tree guardsWe offer a full range of tree guards in welded mesh and perforated metals, they can be made to any size to suit saplings or larger trees.


A full range of fencing products is available from our site.

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