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Car Grilles

CarGrillesFMM Car Grille Mesh is manufactured from Crimped woven wire. Originally manufactured to be stronger than plain woven wire by means of crimping the mesh in place. The result however is a strong attractive designer pattern that suits modified vehicle grilles, adding an aspect of class that other modifications cannot achieve. It is available in several patterns and wire thickness and has been used on several top of the range concept cars. Replacing your factory fitted grille is the easiest way of upgrading the appearance of your vehicle.

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The above selection are our most popular Car Grilles there are even more choices on our Crimped Decorative page

Fine Mesh Metals supplies a range of specially crimped mesh in brass and stainless steel Type 304 or 316.

Brass. Often the choice for vintage cars as it can then be chrome finished to match the original grille.
Type 304. This is an austenitic, non magnetic, economical grade of stainless steel which will not rust under normal conditions . It is an 18/8 stainless steel, therefore 18% chromium and 8% nickel.
Type 316. This is similar to type 304 but with the addition of molybdenum. Giving it a significantly higher corrosion resistance.
When cutting grilles to size the maximum number of pieces is 6 per item, please call if you require more, offcuts are not included.

When calculating the size of grille you require please add approx 15mm minimum to your aperture size on all sides to enable fixing behind a recess. Please remember to divide up your grille if spanning a number of openings as this may lower the price.

BMW3 Car Grille Hummer Grill
Classic Car Grilles Rally Car Grilles
Chrysler 300C GrilleFord Car Grilles
Peugeot 207 Car GrilleJaguar Grille 150

The only cutting service we provide is to cut to a rectangle. You will most likely need to cut the panels at an angle to suit the shape of your car grille apeture. If you cant do this yourself its best to purchace the mesh from us and take it to a local car bodyshop who can fit it for you.

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